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Reviews for The Exile

The Exile is truly a page-turner. The storyline is gripping and fast-paced and sucks you in from the very start. Ms. Carozza spins her tale in such a way, you feel like you’re watching the events unfold before your very eyes.

Gianna M., Social Media Coordinator at Hillsdale College

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This was such a complex and fascinating read! I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started this books since it’s not usually the kind I reach for. Ms. Carozza does a wonderful job crafting very human characters, with a diverse range of emotions and uses her plot to drive her characters forward. I highly recommend this book to those looking for a complex and meaningful storyline with a strong cast of characters.

Sabrina B.

When I first started reading, I thought I knew where it was going: a classic princess-outcast team-up, one small quest, and a happy ending, but really, I was dead wrong. The plot is wonderfully intricate and spans decades in many different environments. The author does a great job bringing to life different clan camps, wildernesses, small towns, metropolises, and even a palace. She makes each place vivid and unique, so it is easy to buy into the culture she has created for it. I was really impressed by the world she created and how the plot kept me guessing.

Sarah M.

A good read with a rare combination of exciting action, rich character development, and thought-provoking plot. Ms. Carozza’s novel authentically immerses you in the harsh, ancient world of tribal Scandinavia. Yet this immersion will leave you pondering political, social, and ethical questions that are relevant today. So, if you’re looking for a gripping tale that will leave you with more than passing entertainment, I recommend this book!

Sam S.

… A world with a color palette, an energy, a tone, and characters that compel a reader’s attention. The woman who narrates, in particular, is unforgettable. Her voice is strong and sure without overshadowing the engagement a reader feels with the other primary characters. For those enamored of quest stories, is a must-read. It is also a fine way to explore this genre of fiction for the first time. The author delivers a powerful experience of friendship without cliché or compromise and more than enough action to satisfy a fan of adventure novels.

Jennifer Weil, Author of Coral Tree: A Costa Rican Canon

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