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Reading Aloud to Young Listeners

When I found myself reading aloud to twelve hungry-eyed elementary students, I suddenly realized why I had written a children’s book. Well, “suddenly” is perhaps incorrect, since parents had already been sending me pictures of their kids reading my children’s book. That’s pretty fulfilling….

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If My Book were a Child

If my book were a child, I would think it most darling for nudging me with ideas while only half-conceived. “I hope you look like me,” I would tell it with fondness. For this unborn book would carry my name. And if my book…

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Publishing: When an Author gets down to Business

Any aspiring author will one day come face-to-face with a formidable opponent: that opponent is called logistics. All right, you’ve written your book. You’ve revised the heck out of it. Maybe you’ve even found an illustrator. And now…? If the honeymoon phase with your…

Now Available in Print!

Malcontent with his mundane life as a sock, Melvin makes his break from the drawer, leaving behind both his match and his master. After the thrill of adventure wears off, Melvin learns that true meaning lies in purpose and companionship.

Rhetoric and Persuasive Storytelling

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