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Malcontent with his mundane life as a sock, Melvin makes his break from the drawer, leaving behind both his match and his master. After the thrill of adventure wears off, Melvin learns that true meaning lies in purpose and companionship.

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Too focused to feel guilty

At first I felt guilty for not posting for a year… but looking back, it was in order to focus. And without that focus, I wouldn’t be telling you what I am about to now. Many people keep up a regular blog schedule because they truly have exciting things happening left and right—and they somehow…

Outlining and Bacon

Outlining will not save your bacon—it will just help you make the bacon in the first place. Every form of writing will have its own outlining standard (novels, articles, dissertations, screenplays, etc.). And within each category of writing, every writer will have his or her own preferred style of outlining. The important thing is to…

Songwriting and Storytelling

Songwriting, as we know, is just another form of storytelling. But what can writers learn from both art forms? Turns out, a great deal. Songwriting has, in fact, been one of the more recent demands that has kept me from blogging over the last couple of months. Let me be clear: I do not consider…

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