The Misadventures of Melvin the Missing Sock

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Malcontent with his mundane life as a sock, Melvin makes his break from the drawer, leaving behind both his match and his master. After the thrill of adventure wears off, Melvin learns that true meaning lies in purpose and companionship.

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3 reviews for The Misadventures of Melvin the Missing Sock

  1. Jennifer DiSpirito

    This story is absolutely adorable! The author turned something ordinary and made an incredibly imaginative, creative and fun adventure out of it. My daughter will LOVE this story and I look forward to reading it to her many times! I suggest anyone with young ones at home, or anyone young at heart to give this book a read, it will not disappoint. The illustrations are amazing as well and bring the whole story together.

  2. Claudia Goad (verified owner)

    This book is very well written. I absolutely love the story line. This book will help build your reader’s self esteem, sense of adventure and teach the value of team work.
    I enjoyed Shiloh’s Careful selection of words to expand your reader’s Vocabulary.
    I will be giving this book as a gift every time I get a chance. I believe this should be a staple in the classroom. I wish I had it when I taught my students.

  3. Laurie Shue (verified owner)

    The story and illustrations were very well done. Loved the story and beautiful pictures that went so well together. Looking forward to see what the future brings for these two. Thank you Shiloh and Lauren for sharing your talents with us.

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