The Misadventures of Melvin the Missing Sock

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Malcontent with his mundane life as a sock, Melvin makes his break from the drawer, leaving behind both his match and his master. After the thrill of adventure wears off, Melvin learns that true meaning lies in purpose and companionship.

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12 reviews for The Misadventures of Melvin the Missing Sock

  1. Jennifer DiSpirito

    This story is absolutely adorable! The author turned something ordinary and made an incredibly imaginative, creative and fun adventure out of it. My daughter will LOVE this story and I look forward to reading it to her many times! I suggest anyone with young ones at home, or anyone young at heart to give this book a read, it will not disappoint. The illustrations are amazing as well and bring the whole story together.

  2. Claudia Goad (verified owner)

    This book is very well written. I absolutely love the story line. This book will help build your reader’s self esteem, sense of adventure and teach the value of team work.
    I enjoyed Shiloh’s Careful selection of words to expand your reader’s Vocabulary.
    I will be giving this book as a gift every time I get a chance. I believe this should be a staple in the classroom. I wish I had it when I taught my students.

  3. Laurie Shue (verified owner)

    The story and illustrations were very well done. Loved the story and beautiful pictures that went so well together. Looking forward to see what the future brings for these two. Thank you Shiloh and Lauren for sharing your talents with us.

  4. Vicki Winner (verified owner)

    This book was written and illustrated so well and I enjoyed reading it as much as my granddaughters. As her first children’s book, Shiloh Carozza captured the essence of what children will identify with in the ways of life.

  5. Joshua Robe (verified owner)

    A really entertaining read, and with an unusually thoughtful and artfully incorporated message of belonging and purpose to give kiddos a sense of their true meaning and hope. I enjoyed the amusing and engaging illustrations as well!

  6. Pete Ford (verified owner)

    This delightful story explores some basics of the Christian walk, from humility and self-image to purpose and the consequences of our choices on others to repentance and redemption. The alliteration was thoughtful and not overdone.

  7. Karen Cajka Burket (verified owner)

    Fantastic children’s book with great vocabulary words!!
    It is a fun and creative story that I would highly recommend to add to your library for kids of all ages. I loved it as an adult, and is a great book for teachers too. I appreciate the strong morals the author wove into the story! The illustrations are adorable too !!

  8. Annemarieke (verified owner)

    A really good children’s book is not only fun and entertaining for the child, but also for the adult who is reading the book to the child. Also, a really good children’s book has good illustrations, that fit well with the story, are well done, and fun to look at.
    THE MISADVENTURES OF MELVIN THE MISSING SOCK has all of these qualities and more. Shiloh Carozza did not only write a cute story, but it is also funny and educational. It doesn’t shy from teaching a few new ‘difficult’ words and the letter M takes a main role in the whole book, as the title already suggests.
    Lauren Fisher made all of the illustrations which are clear, friendly and colorful. She is showing to be a real good artist.
    I would strongly recommend you get this book for your kids or grandkids for Christmas, or their birthday. And I’m looking forward to more from this young and talented duo!

  9. Maria (verified owner)

    This book was wonderful! It has a great message and was also so much fun. My 6-year-old was engrossed! It’s sweet, funny, and well done.

  10. F. Robert Hozian

    A fun and enjoyable book. The story is creative and interesting…it flows nicely and is well paced. The prose is very readable which is reinforced and enhanced by the artistic illustrations. Young readers will benefit from Shiloh’s choice of words and how they tell the story.
    Good read.

  11. Georgeann (verified owner)

    This book has a very charming story
    line with lovely illustrations. It communicates a very positive message. I purchased this book as a birthday gift for my 6 yr old granddaughter who throughly loved it. I would recommend this book to all young children.

  12. Vincent Barry (verified owner)

    Nicely done. Our family appreciates quality children’s books and I see this as a valuable addition to our ‘library’. Not just enjoyable, but life lessons without heavy-handedness. Doesn’t shy away from challenging the reader/listener with vocabulary. Builds an interest in Melvin which makes you want to find out what happens next. Resolution includes feelings of others, not merely Melvin’s.
    Best wishes in your future endeavors.

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