Month: December 2020

Humility: Sharing the Stage of Life

Humility is not in vogue. It’s not chic. It’s not on fleak. Everyone wants to talk about pride, but no one wants to talk about humility. This is nothing new. I think part of this is because many have a flawed definition of humility.… Continue Reading “Humility: Sharing the Stage of Life”

WWII and Humanity at its Worst

It seems every filmmaker wants a crack at WWII. Considering its historical significance and high moral stakes, it makes sense that people still have a taste for dramas centered on its events. The challenge for writers is to find a fresh angle on such… Continue Reading “WWII and Humanity at its Worst”

Parents aren’t that Stupid

As someone whose parents usually knew best, I have to wonder why cinema often depicts parents as stupid. In fact, this bothered my parents quite a bit. I remember many a movie that my dad paused in order to explain to six-year-old Shiloh and… Continue Reading “Parents aren’t that Stupid”

The Rodeo I Won

Good thing this rodeo was for writers and not for cowboys, because I would have died! Several weeks ago, I was browsing one of my favorite blogs, The Daily Flabbergast, and happened upon an announcement for a “flash-fiction” rodeo contest. So, naturally, at 11:30… Continue Reading “The Rodeo I Won”