“Teenage Chronicles”: Meet the Author

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What better way to resume the blogging regimen than by showing you a recent interview with a young author!

Earlier, I wrote about the young author Saania Saxena’s upcoming book Teenage Chronicles that was to be released this summer—and it is now in print! I had first met Saania online through her thrilling blog, Fun with Philosophy, and early on learned that she was working on publishing a book… at 16 years old. This is not your standard teenage fiction. In fact, it’s not even fiction at all.

Teenage Chronicles is an insightful, sensitive exploration of the challenges young adults face as they transition from childhood into maturity.

What stood out to me from the excerpts Saania initially sent me was the sheer amount of research she conducted prior to writing. Teenage Chronicles bridges the gap between the purely scientific, the philosophical, the personal, and the practical in a way that I haven’t seen before—let alone coming from someone so young.

In fact, I think the fact that Saania is such a young author sets her up in a unique position of influence for her peers, who are wrestling with the very scenarios she addresses.

For this reason, I want to share with you the full interview I conducted with her, as well as give you the link to order the book internationally. Pardon the funky audio on my end—Saania’s side is completely clear, but my old computer’s speakers left a lot to be desire. Said computer has since been replaced. 😊


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2 Comments on ““Teenage Chronicles”: Meet the Author

  1. Do you have a script you read in your videos or is your speech somewhat spontaneous?
    Good job on replacing your old computer. Feedback can be a distracting thing, but it was still a great conversation you two had. Saania seems destined for great things.

    • Thanks!! Yes, shes’ an incredibly talented young woman. I’m glad you were able to hear through the feedback too lol– no longer do people on Zoom calls need me to repeat myself three times!

      Good question about the videos– I don’t script them word-for-word, but I definitely have to outline, otherwise I ramble or forget some of the main points. The hardest part is actually looking at the camera lens for so long, but it’s something you get used to after a while. 🙂

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