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When We are History

Today I was caught in a hailstorm. Well, not by the time you read this—the storm happened on April 7. And obviously I survived it. In fact, within two minutes of making it in through the back door, I looked out the window and… Continue Reading “When We are History”

Inception, emotions, and Identity

Whether or not you buy into the theory that the entirety of the movie Inception takes place as a dream, we can all agree on one thing: the importance of emotional memory in the story. The first time I saw the film, I struggled… Continue Reading “Inception, emotions, and Identity”

Ambiguity: the Emotional effect of Memory in La La Land

First, let me ask: have you seen La La Land? If not, do NOT read any further or you will forever rue the day that you let me spoil it for you. Last week we talked about the role of “reflecting” or “recalling” in… Continue Reading “Ambiguity: the Emotional effect of Memory in La La Land”

Triggered: the Power of Memory in Stories

Do you ever think about how much of our lives we spend reflecting? I don’t mean staring into a mirror. And I don’t necessarily mean long, soul-searching contemplations on our inner being. I simply mean pausing to acknowledge or recall the past and its… Continue Reading “Triggered: the Power of Memory in Stories”