Readers: it’s your turn!

Readers are everything.

I don’t mean that readers inherently make something good—no, there are plenty of things out there with a much larger audience than they deserve. What I do mean is that readers are the reason for writing. Or at least, they should be.

As such, I want to dedicate an entire post to getting to know my readers better!

It’s okay, I won’t ask anything too personal. I have actually shared very little personal information about myself on this forum, because of how creepy the internet can be. I get it. Which is why this survey is completely anonymous—no name, no email, no phone number, no social security or credit card number required. Just the answers to a handful of questions.


So I can help provide you, my dear readers, with the type of articles and content you’re most interested in. In short, so The Inquisitive Inkpot can ask and answer questions you’re most curious about.

Ready? Let’s get rolling!

Thank you so much for completing this little series of inquiries. I look forward to seeing what you all said!

Remember, if you have more detailed feedback or any questions, you can always contact me directly. Just complete the form below and I will get back with you as soon as possible.

Thank you!

Shiloh Carozza

5 Comments on “Readers: it’s your turn!

  1. Let me start with an apology. I know it would be much more convenient for you if I just followed your directions and answered the questions as intended. Or I could just lie and pick random things. I don’t want to do either, so, I’m sorry to disappoint.

    I will answer the questions here. Somewhat.
    Gender and age – I choose not to disclose.
    2 books – I don’t really have favorites of anything.
    I read AND write.
    Favorite book genres – I said I don’t really have favorites, but I have to say thrillers. Particularly psychological thrillers.
    Other interest – (aside from reading, writing/blogging) – sports (soccer, basketball), swimming, biking, hiking, human psychology, marketing…
    I think I’ve been following you from your early beginnings. Time blends for me, but about a year seems about right.
    As far as your content is concerned, I like it all. I like the variety. It keeps things from getting monotonous.
    Beagles, huh? A combination of things, please.
    I’m not really into videos on blogs. I prefer to read them. But, I think the 5-step videos sound interesting.

    • Haha I fully expected (and hoped) that you would remain enigmatic on the age and gender questions! But thanks for taking the time to write all this out. The feedback is extremely helpful– and also I’m not surprised to see that we have similar interests and hobbies! 😂

      • Oh my goodness, I hadn’t until now!!! WOW! Thank you for saying something! This makes me so happy (I never win contests 🤣). I’ve been a bit off my regular schedule over the last week, but I need to swing by The Daily Flabbergast again this weekend!

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