A Blogging Milestone: the 100th Post

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Two years ago, the term “blogging milestone” seemed ridiculous—even pretentious.

The last blogging milestone I made a post about was the 30th one, in February of 2020, which was more like an announcement of The Inquisitive Inkpot’s identity shift. I don’t think even after thirty weeks of blogging that I understood how challenging the long-haul commitment would be.

People start blogs for all sorts of reasons, and their work can grow in any number of ways. That being said, I could never have known that my blog would turn into something other than a haven of historical fiction commentaries and writing excerpts. I could never have known that it would be something other than a platform for promoting my books.

As I look back, I realize how glad I am that The Inquisitive Inkpot became than a book-selling platform. Make no mistake—I always celebrate when I receive another book order notification! But if a blog were nothing more than an echo chamber of an author relentlessly plugging her own books, then how would that author grow from the blogging experience?

What I’ve learned over the last two years (and 100 posts) is that blogging should benefit two parties: the reader and the writer.

Every article should offer the reader something valuable—whether in the form of entertainment, information, thought-provocation, or discussion. Likewise, every article offers the writer an opportunity to stretch oneself, by requiring either research, a new perspective, or intensive revision. Some articles will require all three of these.

Writing for a blog has not always been equally rewarding—I still laugh at the way my perception of a knock-out post differs from my readers’ perception. Some of my favorite articles get the least hits, and some of my least favorite ones get the most. You readers sure like to keep me guessing! 😉 In any case, however, the simple drill of planning, drafting, preparing, and publishing a new article each week has given me a type of structure my creative life has never known. There are times when I think my other creative projects would go quicker if I didn’t feel obligated to publish each week, and for that reason many writers take breaks from blogging. I may try that some time. But I do find that the weekly deadline has helped me sharpen my writing skills—or at least preserved them from post-college atrophy. Along with the deadlines, the habit of weekly publication provides a small, measurable accomplishment that really does boost my sense of productivity—even when it feels like The Muse has eluded me in other areas.

So on this blogging milestone, I would like to leave you with two things:

1) Thank you to everyone who has participated in the discussions on The Inquisitive Inkpot, and to those who simply drop by to read. Your time is valuable, and I am grateful that you choose to spend some of it here. I hope that this blog has benefited you in some way!

2) Let’s keep thinking critically and creatively. The Inquisitive Inkpot is all about asking questions of the stories we encounter and create, because there is always more than one side to a story and every story has implications on the way we interpret life. I love to hear your thoughts and to read your perspectives, whether in the comments section or on your own blog. The world could certainly use some more deep thinking.

Here’s to two more years and 200 posts!

What is one thing you have gained from the blogging experience?

If you have been following The Inquisitive Inkpot, what is one thing you have enjoyed or one way you have benefited from this blog?

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13 Comments on “A Blogging Milestone: the 100th Post

  1. CongratZ! Great accomplishment. Even more so that you established a writing routine. I found writing once a week very helpful so I’m happy to hear it’s working for you, too.

    Like you, I marvel at the difference between my idea of a great post and the readers’ reactions. Here’s to another year of blogging and 50 posts!

    • Thank you, Sam! Incidentally, I ended up taking that break I talked about, which meant I didn’t blog or reply to anyone for over a week. 😉 But thank you for the encouragement and for your steady example as well!

    • Congrats👏on your achievement blogging is nothing but dedicated and consistent effort to produce exceptional content.

    • Thank you, Pooja! I just gave your podcast a listen– and congratulations to you for this new venture! I look forward to seeing what you and your sister do with it. 🙂

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